GOAL: To promote MANHOOD by developing BROTHERHOOD and taking back our COMMUNITIES WITH LOVE….

Fathers Alive in The Hood is dedicated to providing ALL males an avenue, in which, they can be challenged to grow to epitomize the essence of MANHOOD. F.A.I.T.H participates in many community initiatives, such as the “Jegna” program, employment initiative programs, gang intervention and anti-gun violence Peace Walks. F.A.I.T.H collaborates with other organizations that support developing a positive community environment. *We believe men are critical to the restoration of our communities. We want the men of F.A.I.T.H to show positive presence of “manhood” when they go into neighborhoods, schools, religious institutes or communities to provide the presence of “fatherhood”. Statistically, youth who grow up without a “paternal” role model have a tendency to become more at risk for dropping out of school, get involved in drug use, gang involvement, have children out of wedlock and are inclined to become incarcerated. It is the mission of Fathers Alive In the Hood to turn the tide of these maladies by promoting positive “fatherhood” in our communities. The Fatherhood Support Group will provide information in the following areas:

1. Fatherhood (what is it like to be a father)

2. Relationships with women and children/ Domestic Violence

3. Support groups for men

4. Man to Man mentoring

5. Counseling

6. Community-Relations

7. Discovering your purpose and passion

8. Financial Empowerment

9. Overcoming obstacles

10. Participating in a Father/Daughter dance

11. Boyhood to Manhood Field Trips

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